What Do I Do?

Performative activism and microaggression speaker Qy'Darrius McEachern

McEachernSpeaks is a social justice + antiracism education firm founded to support offices, organizations, workplaces, schools, and more in an effort to create equitable spaces and innovate justice for individuals of color.
I aim to move people from “listening & learning” to ACTION & CHANGE.

I specialize in providing tailored, impactful experiences through:

  • Strategy Sessions
  • Action-Oriented Trainings
  • Critical Conversations +
  • Intensive Reviews

… aimed at leading your organization to analyze unjust systems & create just spaces.

NOTE: other workshops are available depending on your needs.

McEachernSpeaks works with your organization to create the most effective & efficient training plan that is personalized for your needs. I have brought my expertise to multiple campuses, organizations, students, and look forward to supporting individuals in your organization next! 


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