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What makes Q different?

This is the question we all ask. Q is a powerful orator, who is incredibly authentic when he speaks a truth that might be difficult to swallow, and it RESONATES. He also prides himself on presenting accessible social justice education, meaning that his content is challenging and uncomfortable, yet his authenticity and passion make it digestible to people who are new to critical conversations around racism and oppression. 

He has a unique way of making unpalatable conversations palatable, and building the bridge between theoretical concepts and practical approaches to taking action towards creating liberating spaces.

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“Q was so authentic and kind that when he spoke truth that might be difficult to swallow it resonated. I was impressed and inspired by his boldness to speak directly to the heart of issues. This made the entire presentation incredibly powerful and transformative.”

Member, Association of Fraternity & Sorority Advisors 

Keynotes & Programs

It Takes a Village

We all can pinpoint specific moments in our lives where we reach a stark pivot point in our journey. Like where we think about life before and life after that specific moment.

For Q, a village of people helped him pick up the pieces and become whole again after he was sent into a spiral filled with depression, anxiety, and difficulty. Understanding the importance of guidance, advocacy, and asking for help when things get hard is the center of this message.

[micro]AGGRESSIONS: A Discussion on Power, Privilege, and Culture

Q helps audience members to develop a deeper understanding of how language matters related to inclusivity. In doing so, he guides a dialogue on the dynamics of power and privilege through the lens of language, and how word choice can influence group dynamics.

Through powerful activities and dialogue, attendees will better understand how to foster inclusivity and challenge themselves to lead and support students authentically.

More Than Black Boxes: Why Performative Advocacy Is No Better Than Silence

what if it was more important for people to be liberated from oppression than it is for us to be perceived as a good person? As a good organization? As a good college?

These questions get to the heart of a core issue of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging; the appearance of advocacy without action and change is hollow, dangerous, and creates toxic spaces for students, faculty, and staff.

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Consulting Services

Additionally, Q offers consulting services around diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, including creating strategies for sustainable education, action, and accountability.

I work with your organization or office to create the most effective & efficient plan that is personalized to address equity hurdles specific to you.

“This presentation was amazing! I really enjoyed the examples of your personal experience and how relatable the information was for all POC. You were super inclusive & honest throughout your whole presentation, you are truly doing something so great & inspiring!”

Member, Texas State University Panhellenic Council Executive Board

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If you would like to set up a consultation for a social justice/antiracism training experience, please email me at or fill out the form below.

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Three Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself to AVOID Performative Advocacy

What if it is more important for marginalized people to be liberated from oppression than it is for YOU to be perceived as a good person?”

This question gets to the heart of a core issue of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging; the appearance of allyship without true advocacy is hollow, dangerous, and creates toxic spaces for marginalized people across the globe.

Download a FREE Reflection Guide which contains definitions and three reflection questions to ask yourself to AVOID Performative Advocacy

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